Would you be afraid if extraterrestrial life existed ?


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Comments (36)

  • 1. ejw | 18/11/2015
honestly, I fear more of what i have already seen in this world. if there are other beings they should run real quick from this place....
Scott Allen
  • 2. Scott Allen | 18/11/2015
"THEY "are Already "HERE".
Linda Bell
  • 3. Linda Bell | 19/11/2015
I fear republicans more.
Bridgid Persephone Newman-Henson
  • 4. Bridgid Persephone Newman-Henson | 21/11/2015
Accor ding to some, They are my ancestors, so how could I be?
Gordon Contreras
  • 5. Gordon Contreras | 23/11/2015
Liberal Democrats would scare them away with all thier demands anyway!, 1st they would probably demand that they provide "free intergalactic travel" for the people who don't work, demand the ET's to start funding Obama care immediately with Galactic Credits, then demand them to turn in all thier weapons of mass annihilation, and then demand they become automatically United States Citizens! Hahaha true.......
  • 6. Lee | 23/11/2015
I think they know all about us already, the olive branch apparently on the moon is laughable really, one peek at our history and well speaks for itself. We can't get on with one another never mind beings from another world. I think they'd come to show us how it's done but they'd have to be very good at teaching us all that one.
Philip D'Amato (Philip Dawn)
  • 7. Philip D'Amato (Philip Dawn) | 25/11/2015
Somebody, please put the uninformed Linda Bell on life support. She needs protection from the Obamanation and the Democratic liberal scourge....their attacks against Liberty, the constitution, the unborn....the list goes on and on....Let some more terrorists into our country you poor misguided fool.....sorry, I don't like to be negative but if you have any love for Liberty or our beloved America, you should be fearful of the most corrupt political party ever...The Democrats and their anti-America, anti-life, ant-freedom, anti, anti, anti.....get the drift? Wake up and smell The Democrap!!!
Holly Wingard
  • 8. Holly Wingard | 15/12/2015
I except what is.
  • 9. Joestar555 | 07/02/2016
Earth is much scarier...
Too much destruction.
Carl Cash
  • 10. Carl Cash (link) | 08/02/2016
Full Disclosure Bring it On.
  • 11. Marion | 08/02/2016
Why should we fear our cousins from other planets?
  • 12. Jeff | 08/02/2016
Youd be stupid not to fear them
  • 13. traveler | 08/02/2016
They have been here for quite some time. As a species, we forgot about them. Knowing they exist makes things more certain for people I think. And hence, less fearful. Personally, I would welcome an open admission. Sad we have so many fearful men working in government and military.
  • 14. tom | 08/02/2016
they are who we become
  • 15. Jann | 08/02/2016
I will fear not , I will make friends , I will feel better soon
  • 16. tibi (link) | 09/02/2016
if is she i don't gonna tell you what i gonna do with her ,because i have a dirty mind (what you gonna do with the one washed for ever) ,,,,
if is he ,i don't gonna tell him what i have done with her....
  • 17. TJ83 (link) | 09/02/2016
1) They already exist
2) They've been "helping" humanity for centuries

But to answer you question (or poll) "Would you be afraid if extraterrestrial life existed ?"

Answer: Nope, I'd vote them in to run the planet and eradicate 1 or 2 probably 80% of every politican / government
  • 18. PDG1970 | 09/02/2016
Ever since the birth of the human race we evolved into a walking talking species that have left cave drawings and other bits of evidence here and there of human/alien interaction, just a matter of knowing where to look.. But what has ever been found has been taken away by the secretive powers that be!! Because of Invention of religon ie. God, Jesus, the Bible and other splinter religions.. An Alien cannot be more powerful than the devine and mighty "God" the creator of all life on Earth and entire universe? "We are alone in this universe and its proposterous to believe in other life" Or so our ancestors have told us!, in the last century alone the human race has progressed so much from the invention of the industrial revolution to the birth of the "Car" and "Flight" to invention of the "Atom Bomb" to birth of the "Microchip" to the birth of the "Mobile Revolution".. All Alien intervention or technologies that all the government around the word have hidden in their little dark hiding places, slowly filtered out to the unsuspecting general population.. May it be from post Roswell era to modern day contact.. Who knows
  • 19. Lora | 09/02/2016
Absolutely no fear feeling here. Its our Government in which all that voted yes should fear, as sure as the sun rises,
so does Extraterrestrial Life.
  • 20. Fred | 09/02/2016
How long have you been around? and Who knew about it?
  • 21. monclo | 09/02/2016
Non, absolument pas. Pourquoi ? Si vous voulez en savoir plus, regardez Men In Black 1, la vérité y est à 80%
karam mokadmi
  • 22. karam mokadmi | 09/02/2016
If they're Maitres or Reptillians I will be affraid of them, else I will follow them, searching for knowledge, understanding technologies...
  • 23. Flora | 09/02/2016
Extraterrestrial life has always existed, it is us who are the new species of the Universe. The bible gives a clue ..." Come let us make man in our image, after our likeness." and from what we know, this is an ongoing process to this day.
Tyler Mills
  • 24. Tyler Mills | 09/02/2016
I would pick out 4 or 5 gorgeous ladies & have them take us to their world & start working on populating the human race!!!!!!!
  • 25. THEO | 09/02/2016
maybe I'm wrong but it seems that many kinds of extraterrestrials exist like different intraterrestrials exist and travel from regions to others, from religions and civilisations to others through the earth ...

Jerome Brown
  • 26. Jerome Brown | 09/02/2016
You would think that if ET's existed, they would have been positively identified, and the fact accepted by the authorities and the media. The authorities and media ( and NASA), deny the existence of ET's, categorically. Governments and Space agencies all over the world are in a race to find any form of life at all in the Universe.
So, it is my belief, that either ET's do not exist, or if they do, they have taken over control of the human race, and prefer to keep their ID's secret, for obvious reasons!
  • 27. Squrl | 10/02/2016
Honestly a silly question. Of course exterestrial life exists. It has been confirmed that there is bacteria under the ice of Utopia, a moon of Jupiter.
  • 28. mike | 10/02/2016
Yes I am convinced beyond a reasonable doubt that there are, have been and will always be more than any one can comprehend.
Until you actually see with your own eyes a non believer you shall remain. and that is ok. Would love to see the look on your face when it does happen.
Lynne gutheins
  • 29. Lynne gutheins | 10/02/2016
Of course I'm not afraid. .I know they exist and I do communicate with some by channeling. .I am a starseed from arcturus and it took quite a while for me to understand. ..but now I know. ..and thank god they are here, otherwise we would be in a worse situation. ..now disclosure is coming and I can't wait to see and invite them here. .cosana
Lars Frieske
  • 30. Lars Frieske | 10/02/2016
I definitely know that extraterrestrial life exists, I am sure that we all came from the stars. What really makes me feel fearful, is not extraterrestrial life, but "bad" aliens in the sense of aliens of a lower density with a lot of technological knowledge (I am hinting at the Dracos). But to be honest: I am also fearful of people, who are criminals and who kill or torture other people, so this has nothing to do with alien or not alien. I am so happy that we are surrounded by these beings from a higher density who are here to help us make progress on our spiritual path!
  • 31. Corey | 10/02/2016
  • 32. Sezgin | 11/02/2016
I want to meet extraterrestrials to evolve and learn from eachother. Only if they are not hostile ofcourse.
Helen Hall
  • 33. Helen Hall | 11/02/2016
I fear us humans more then I could ever fear them
Paul Middleton
  • 34. Paul Middleton | 12/02/2016
no not at all. in fact i would have hope. they may be able to stop our government from blowing up our planet and us with it. so i truly hope they do exist. for our sakes they will be alot older and wiser than the fools in the pentagon. dreaming up new ways to corrupt the world and ruin our lives while they make there profits out of our misery. i prey there are aliens who can give us technology that will bring peace to our world no more fighting over resources no more hiding technology the only way to survive is to share and help each other the governments way of life is war and to take and destroy. one day that will mean our end. we are close already with such weapons of mass destruction there is no winner when the first nuclear bomb goes off there will be thousands of them sent into the air thousands of nukes all around the world will destroy our planets atmosphere. and just like that the human race will be gone. like it never existed at all. as this beautiful planet turns into a deserted rock a future race may just pass us by inn there ship never giving the planet a second glance we could turn our planet into mars. our planet is more fragile than you think . SO i am more afraid of them not existing actually. we need them. we cant stop our government on our own. they have become too strong and too dangerous. and they will drag us all down with them.
Rev Douglas LaRoux
  • 35. Rev Douglas LaRoux | 12/02/2016
This is a trick question. Fear doesn't exist, it is all in your mind. But EBENs do exist. Although they aren't as cute as the artists rendering above.
  • 36. Terry | 02/03/2016
I believe that they are already here! And have been for many centuries, being Native American and of the Hopi tribe, in our ceremonies I have often questioned the significance of some of our beliefs like the Kachina's I know that they represent certain things but some of them look so foreign and out this earth that you have to really wonder. They don't look anything of this world.

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