Poll : Do you believe in Barney and Betty Hill abduction story ?



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William Remick
  • 1. William Remick | 30/03/2016
I find one fact most interesting about this story.. They reported that they saw a star chart shown to them by the aliens that shows their home planet. At the time this was dissmissed as fantacy BUT ... currently this star chart has BEEN VERIFIED as true. This is because we now have the astronomical technology to look farther into the cosmos!
  • 2. Mike | 13/04/2016
Given that Regression therapy has been discredited (Satanic panic of the 80s), I no longer believe the account to be true. Occam's Razor leads me to be extremely skeptical. An extraordinary claim such as the Hill's, requires extraordinary evidence - I haven't seen any that stands upto scrutiny.

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