In your opinion how was humanity created ?

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  • 1. Psymon | 07/12/2015
We came from the stars many millennia ago, we are currently going through a second civilisation. The Ice Ages very nearly wiped us out.
  • 2. Andrey | 03/02/2016
we need new theory about that
  • 3. Sandra | 03/02/2016
which ?
  • 4. Stephen | 03/02/2016
God probably did the work but it could have been thru genetic engineering,I don't know and that's why He is God.
  • 5. TK | 03/02/2016
The question is biaised.
"How did life evolved in humans" would have been biaised the other way.
"Where does humanity comes from" would have been fine.

But such a site likely ignore everything about objectivity and fair studies...
Tim Aurand
  • 6. Tim Aurand | 04/02/2016
I would like to believe that a supposed Loving and Benevolent God created us, and even though I do still believe in a higher power, I can't ignore and deny all the data and research I've uncovered, especially Zechariah Sitchin and all the books he wrote about the Annunaki coming down and creating worker slaves to mine the gold for their atmosphere, and with Eric Von Danicken with the book and Documentaries Chariots of the gods, and even the current UFO Abductions and the Genetic Material that seems to be of vital interest for them....
Mike Devlin
  • 7. Mike Devlin | 04/02/2016
Up to a certain time, it's Darwin's theory but with with a twist, best explained if you Google AAT (Aquatic Ape Theory).
Then Genetic Manipulation as Sumerian Text says!
  • 8. D'Leavitt | 04/02/2016
We were fashioned by God and our progress possibly intermingled with the emergence of the Descending Anunnaki.
It is a tangled web woven, truth be known in the future will boggle our minds. I am going to be open to it.
Des Wilms
  • 9. Des Wilms | 19/02/2016
Information contained in the A dimension sometimes referred to as the Akashic records, holds all information required for life including humans. The m dimension (manifest world of our experience) is a direct result of interaction between the "a" and "m" dimensions.

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