In your opinion what are the giants lines in Nazca made in the ground for ?

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Barbara Fidlin
  • 1. Barbara Fidlin | 12/12/2015
They are here and watching us making fools of our selfs, killing each other and destroying our beautiful Planet , and yesssssssss I do believe they put us here and yesssss we do come from different planets and when we die we go back home to our planet , as I watched a interview at site 51 with a alien and he said they are not afraid of death , no fear of it , very interesting interview.
I have had experance of a ufo over my head , as we got out of a car , suddenly I felt some thing watching us and looked up and there it was , as soon as I saw it , the ufo took off so fast NO SOUND came from it and we never even mentioned we saw this ufo to each other and I had forgot for years , NOW in the last few years I do remember it so clearly now and I can see it silver and pale lights all around it , I know they are here and among us to day.
Barbara Fidlin
  • 2. Barbara Fidlin | 12/12/2015
they are here
Dennis A. Dspenza
  • 3. Dennis A. Dspenza | 31/01/2016
Probably a Calendar of some type, though could be a landing area marker; I strongly suspect that they had a primitive religious origin, similar to the "Cargo-Cult" religion in Modern times among some primitive people. The later directed at Atlantians and visiting ETs. in earlier times, millennia ago.
Utnapistim Yilmaz
  • 4. Utnapistim Yilmaz | 05/02/2016
I have been looking on these things for many years now. The long straight traces are not landing strips. The first question that arose to me in the end 60s was: "Who took the tops of the hills and how did they do it, and why these flat places all over there". And later I looked at this place many times on Google Earth, and the same questions arose. All the giant stones in Cusco an on all sites around, if we count them together .... where are all the rest of the hilltops gone ???
Sirona Starchild
  • 5. Sirona Starchild | 10/03/2016
I'm certain they have something to do with a group that were in opposition to the Anunnaki archons.

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