Is Earth's life unique in the solar system ?

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  • 1. Richard (link) | 13/12/2015
I think the bigger problem is we focus on looking for the building blocks of life on other planets rather than realizing Hetlau - Humanoid Extra Terrestrials Living Among Us - They have been here the whole time and the Earthlings (EA) are unaware of it.
  • 2. Andrew (link) | 20/01/2016
Life as as common as mater. The Universe is teeming with life. We are on kindergarten level of development and morally much worst than animals. Some civilizations in space may be billion years old. We are for them like microbes. We must to evolve in understanding that are a spiritual beings and stop killing each other, we must start to be guardians of our planet Earth not Its destroyers. Than maybe we meet some of our cosmic brothers. Some of them may look similarly to us and some very differently...
In my book A Journey Toward The Light I elaborated a bit on our origin, influences of aliens and our moral and other problems. Please see promo video of my book:

Sirona Starchild
  • 3. Sirona Starchild | 10/03/2016
Earth's life within THIS solar system IS unique. But life in the rest of the universe is plentiful.

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