In your opinion, the Great Pyramid at Giza was a power plant ?


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Julian Mason
  • 1. Julian Mason | 29/01/2016
Of course
  • 2. Jools | 01/02/2016
Etuyggd g have
Sirona Starchild
  • 3. Sirona Starchild | 10/03/2016
I believe the Great Pyramid was used as a portal to somewhere else.
  • 4. richard | 18/03/2016
no i believe now they took longer and they were built by giants - there is alot of evidence to suggest they did, i am very very interested in this at moment - giants were of different sizes and some cud lift 4-5 tonnes and they cud of lived for hundreds and hundreds of years - so having stenght to easily lift the biggest blocks of stones and the long life to complete the job - i started a group on this if interested

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