In your opinion, is Akhenaton an extraterrestrial beings ?

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Claudio Casanueva
  • 1. Claudio Casanueva (link) | 28/02/2016
Akhenaton fue el primer ser humano que hablo del concepto de Dios en una epoca donde existia una ignorancia total sobre el creador . Pero como no podia distinguir bien su presencia y por falta de mas conocimientos en aquel entonces , lo cofundio y lo vio como un dios del sol , al momento de despertar de su ignorancia y empezar a darse cuenta de la verdad , fue asesinado . Pero se dio cuenta que en todo ser humano existe la luz de Dios y que algun dia ese Dios mandaria a un ser a este planeta para que la humanidad abriera sus ojos a la verdad , pero eso , es otra historia ............................Akhenaton fue el primer faraon que dio la bienvenida oficialmente a seres venidos de las estrellas , que tales seres trajeron a Egypto y al mundo conocimientos de medicina alterna , ciencias ocultas y otras cosas que los seres instruyeron a sacerdotes y personas seleccionados por tales seres para el beneficio de la humanidad y esparcirlo por todos los continentes .Akhenaton Fue , es y sigue siendo aun, un espiritu de luz . Namaste hermano Akhen .
  • 2. bhumika | 28/02/2016
Akhnetan was an ancient being who has realised God like many before and after Him. He worshipped the Sun as a symbol of the real God and banned worship of all other Gods in favour of this one God who represented light. Well guess it is not common knowledge but even today all of us worship God in His Light form.
1. Muslims call this Devine Light 'Allah ka noor' or the Light of Allah
2.Hindus worship this Devine Light as Jyotir Linga the term 'Jyoti' over here means Light
3.Christians worship this Devine light as "Yeshua" or the Point of Light
4. Sikhs worship this Devine Light as well in their religious text Gurbaani they have described this Devine Light in one of the longest chapters.

Akhnetan just like Jesus or Guru Gobind Singh of the Sikhs realized this truth and brought it to his people.
  • 3. jssc | 29/02/2016
The light is how all information is distributed. Without information what do you have
shivashish upadhyay
  • 4. shivashish upadhyay | 29/02/2016
All pheroh community were never human.They all were look alike human.There physical are over developed then other entities.They came here to rule on technically weak creator like us.All of them have there ritual undefined to us,many of them defined themselves as divine and others preferred some other-body as god.All this make them mysterious may be they were like warlords here obeying there masters from deep universe.Some made us obey there masters as god while some proved themselves as god.
Utnapistim Yilmaz
  • 5. Utnapistim Yilmaz | 29/02/2016
Akhnaton was NOT an alien, but for sure a very remarkable human, and for sure, he was NOT a heretical. My interpretation of many written words about Akhnaton is, that his wisdom came to him through his wife Nefertiti, who was a princess from Mittani. SHE tought Akhnaton the cuneiscript writing, that is why we dound the Amarna letters in that language.
After insight in her wisdom he changed his name to Akhn-aton; ATON (or ATEN) being the name of the new and now only god.

It was NOT new, that Akhnaton chose the sun. The egyptians had at least two other sun gods: AMUN (or AMEN) and RA (or RE).

After Akhnaton left Egypt with his followers, his son Tut-Ankh-Aten changed his name back to Tut-Ankh-Amun.

Some scholars will tell you, that Akhnaton was the one to install monotheism, but this is also not the case. Nefertiti already knew the babylonian monotheism, even if this monotheism also was man made. MARDUK became the prime god of Babylon, and the 52 other gods now became "manifestations of MARDUK". Zjis babylonian idea is in fact the base for the Catholic "Trinity" of God.

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