How was the appearance of the Annunakis human or reptilian ?

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Reptilien de souche

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P newman
  • 1. P newman | 03/02/2016
Orignal Annunaki are human in appearance but massive, the reptiles have used that name to fool us into thinking they seeded the human race having said that I am told because Annunaki are millions of years old as a race if a reptile was born on their planet it too would be classed as Annunaki
jacqueline rowe
  • 2. jacqueline rowe | 03/02/2016
the Annunaki dont know for sure but maybe reptilian at first then evolved bred with humans and developed a hybrid that could interact more easily with other species so i think they are a mixed race that spread across the universe interbreeding with many species on other planets just a thought.
Sirona Starchild
  • 3. Sirona Starchild | 10/03/2016
The Anunnaki were/are humanoid, of larger stature than us, and antagonists of the reptoid races. The reptoids came here long ago, and went into hiding when the Anunnaki arrived, but were discovered and wars ensued. Neither of these races are particularly "on our side", but have their own agendas, agendas that set the two of them against each other. They both manipulate and use us as pawns in their greater plans. The Anunnaki are tall, muscular, strong, very handsome, and are very aggressive and dominant.

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