Do you think time travel is possible ?


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adam lesane
  • 1. adam lesane | 24/02/2016
It is possible just not able to be done. In our time.
  • 2. salvador (link) | 24/02/2016
i strongly believe we are not alone ,,
Donna j Schnyer
  • 3. Donna j Schnyer | 25/02/2016
  • 4. Larry | 25/02/2016
The Germans have been using time travel tech since the 1930's. Watch Cosmic Disclosure series by David Wilcock on He interviews an insider whistleblower who has seen this tech first hand. There is a lot of tech that we haven't been told about over the last 75 years. We are going to be told about all of this when Full Disclosure is brought forth.
  • 5. Larry | 25/02/2016
I do not possess the intelligence to answer this question. So that it could be understood by everybody . So here I go. In particle physics it can be proved that things act in a way we don't expect them to. Physicists know that there is something there that involves time travel only for a minute second. If you can get your head around that part of physics. Then you would have two agree that it is possible. So the answer has to be yes. My personal view is that we will never be able to travel further than a minute second into the future . But I'm open minded about travelling into the past . But I think not in a physical sense. As I previously stated I do not have the intelligence or the words to put this into ?. Sorry hope you can understand
  • 6. mark | 25/02/2016
we are not alone too many cover ups
  • 7. Don | 25/02/2016
It's being done right now. I have noticed things that are not right.
  • 8. max | 25/02/2016
since long time ago, just the elite never die...
Guy Sanville
  • 9. Guy Sanville | 26/02/2016
Yes. I know it is.
edgardo p. acosta
  • 10. edgardo p. acosta (link) | 27/02/2016
yet it is true only physicist can anderstand the theory of relativity if hadroncollider is a product of physics time machine it can be possible by means of observing the rotation or evolvement of the planet distinguishing the computerized data of the past and future it parallax
Diana Hayes
  • 11. Diana Hayes | 12/03/2016
Andrew Basiago

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