Do you think there are Bases camps on the Moon ?


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Dennis A. Dspenza
  • 1. Dennis A. Dspenza | 31/01/2016
Some of these are Modern, and are the work of ETs who are attempting to help Humanity improve it's living conditions in the past two centuries. Some of the constructions, the oldest parts, are remains of Bases and buildings built by the people of Atlantis over the past several million years, when Atlantis was above the Atlantic Ocean, and in contact with various ET Civilizations. The Atlantians at one time used illustrations of their Lunar Bases as Advertisement images in news magazines very much as we have today. Some of this is based on data from Psychic Mediums, also from past lifetime memories of earlier lifetimes as a Atlantian, millennia ago.
Gary Holveck
  • 2. Gary Holveck | 31/01/2016
Hearing that government officials say that ET bases on the moon pose a threat to mankind simply reinforces the elitist attitude of those officials/politicians. What it really poses is confirmation that there is a near presence of intelligence beyond ours and ought to be seen as cause to learn, not worry.
John Serafin
  • 3. John Serafin (link) | 31/01/2016
I've Always Have Known That Their Were Extraterrestrial & Base Camps On The Moon.
Lars Frieske
  • 4. Lars Frieske | 31/01/2016
I have learned from David Wilcock and Corey Goode, a whistleblower who talks about the Secret Space Programs, that there is actually a base called "Lunar Operations Command", that was built long ago and which is used as an operational center. Then, there are other bases from extraterrestrials nearby. I could recommend his documentary "cosmic disclosure" which is on Gaia tv to everyone, but you find this information also on the interet when you google Corey Goode.
  • 5. Jools | 01/02/2016
  • 6. fj (link) | 02/02/2016
The topic of bases on the moon, NASA's active coverup and the extension of these bases onto Mars is covered in the brand new feature documentary 'Packing For Mars' - an amazing look into whistleblowers, secret space programs, time travel and the physics behind it. Inspired by the cult-classic 'Alternative 3' written by Fleet Street reporter Leslie Watkins almost 40 years ago, this is an important subject we need to be discussing. Check it out at
  • 7. Dj | 19/02/2016
I'm sure it has alien bases, there is far too much on this out there for it being all humbug.... plus the stories are coming from all sides and directions now, the latest "proof" is word from an Area51 official on Darkskywatcher's channel on YT spilling the beans on the who, what and why the USA is secretly run by aliens, the word needs to come out but it will not be made public in pressmeetings: it has to trickle into society to avoid the embarresment of decades of secrecy, and secrecy upon secrecy about the secrecy.....

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