Do you think the Earth is hollow ?


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Mike Devlin
  • 1. Mike Devlin | 05/02/2016
Gravitation does not exempt matter under any circumstances that we know, and the force of gravity pulling matter together creates rock melting pressures which make lava!

That does not mean that there are not great hollow expanses beneath the surface...but a completely hollow Earth?...No!
  • 2. Mike | 05/02/2016
Human history is a lie. The origins of humanity, the world, the universe, all made up to fit an elite agenda. Where are all the dinosaur bones there would be billions of them, where's the human/dinosaur DNA link to the dominant species of the planet supposedly for billions of years? etc etc etc.
Georges A Pasquinel
  • 3. Georges A Pasquinel | 06/02/2016
Two years ago on monday Januari the 6th, so "exactly" 2 years ago - in the Ardennen woods of Belgium, my friend and me we had a hot cup of chocolate outside and talking about Hollow Earth, hollow moon etc.
Well i said: let's check this thing out on my phone this new app called "Night Sky Lite" on my mobile phone.
Like i said we checked it out alright. Look at that!
Sirona Starchild
  • 4. Sirona Starchild | 10/03/2016
There may well be vast expanses of hollow spaces, but not an entire hollow earth.

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