Do you think than extraterrestrials beings are among us ?

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Extraterrestres parmis nous


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  • 1. david | 16/12/2015
yep I when 2 of them get close 2gether wind kicks up around them and they surpress their energy and act like nothing happened no wind that strong that day until these 2 perfect looking people happened 2 meet
Nightshade Wolfstone-Francis
  • 2. Nightshade Wolfstone-Francis | 16/12/2015
I can't disprove the possibility of aliens among us so I can't discount it either.
Gil Carlson
  • 3. Gil Carlson (link) | 19/03/2016
A mysterious book, "The Blue Planet Project" has surfaced, outlining decades of cooperation between the U.S. military and alien forces on earth as well as a massive government cover-up to hide these aliens and their crashed ships from the world. This document was created by insiders who secretly recorded their activity while working on a top secret government program!
Silvana Martins
  • 4. Silvana Martins | 19/03/2016
yes ! and none of them are your friends...NO ONE
Anthony Knowles
  • 5. Anthony Knowles | 20/03/2016
i believe

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