Do you think Planet Nibiru exist ?


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Nibiru orbit



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Devina Nund
  • 1. Devina Nund | 21/02/2016
Am mostly fascinated by planets and nebulae so am curious to know more!!!!
Jason coombs
  • 2. Jason coombs (link) | 22/02/2016
Yes in the bible it is known as wormwood
Charles W.Atmore
  • 3. Charles W.Atmore (link) | 23/02/2016
Take a look at this fanciful picture some artist drew depicting the orbit of Nibiru. No one says it has to be exact or even possible. All we think we know is that it supposedly Nibiru achieves perigee very close to our sun every 3,600 years. Putting the last visit about 160BC. The drawing may not be to scale but for the last 73 years none of us has seen a thing. That doesn't mean it doesn't exist but even our best astronomers have not even suggested that it might make another visit. Geologists feel fairly certain that there was a celestial anomaly about 12,600 years ago which brought about the Younger Dryas ice age. That may be what was being recorded by the Annunaki, however that would have put them (the Annunaki) back before and slightly after that geological occurrence. Not five thousand years ago as per Sitchin. That sure would be a long time to be that cold. As for hiding behind the sun- well.... How much longer you think it's going to stay there?
  • 4. Jason | 23/02/2016
Actually approximately 3600 years ago during the exodus there was a great flood .... And recorded meteors falling from the sky ... Wormwood/Nibru/The Destroyer .... Read the Kolbrin Bible not the one perverted King James tore apart and rewrote
  • 5. Jason | 23/02/2016
King James was a Satanist .... wow and a child pedophile .... Imagine that .... Sickening

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