Do you think King Pakal has been represented in a spaceship ?


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Ricardo Ugalde
  • 1. Ricardo Ugalde | 21/03/2016
Clearly, if he is represented well and truly is directing a spaceship, it was actually an astronaut who arrived to earth in Palenque, on the age of the Mayans
Kenneth Love
  • 2. Kenneth Love | 22/03/2016
This is not a "spaceship" It is a machine for use in building. It allows the user to accomplish work that he would not normally be able to accomplish by himself . That is all.
Jenna Brazel
  • 3. Jenna Brazel | 23/03/2016
I believe they had contact with someone either of this world with higher knowledge or from The Other world had contact. And funny enough the Underworld of world of the dead is often referred to as the Other world in Celtic mythology.
Jon Samson
  • 4. Jon Samson | 23/03/2016
Hi mom. Can we have mashed potatoes for dinner?
  • 5. Victor | 24/03/2016
Number 4!!! LMFAO

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