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  • 1. Jacob | 08/03/2016
I was abducted when I was 17. They were the 3 most beautiful women I had ever seen. They were very tall and thin but had no eyebrows or eyelashes and they were covered completely in body conforming one piece silver suits except for their faces. I was at a friend's house for a sleepover when it happened. The guy sleeping in the living room and I were abducted while the friend who lived in the house experienced tall thin black sillouettes in his room making him scared and incapable of getting out of bed.
John Smith
  • 2. John Smith | 09/03/2016
Have had experienced many kinds of contacts starting young enough my mom leaned me up in bed.After me crying because of a pain and the light.So 3 maybe 4 years old.They got different over these past 56 years or so.Much more intense when I moved up on to a mountain top in Montana.I sold my home.A beautiful home.Only to live a very rough life up here.But as in many times in the past.Would just get a feeling in my head.To just drive several times over 4 hours away.To a place I had never been.Find some dirt road .Park and then the lights and the sounds of them communication with each other.Find myself then driving back home feeling empty.Then walking in one place.Suddenly being in a total different place.And back again .The puncture mark at the base of my spin.The blood spot in my bed from it.Scoop marks that never left a scar.And all of the rest of the things that have been going on.And although 2 experiences were very painful.I as a human understand more now then would have been possible without contact.And it continues today and so much different and positive.With choices they have giving me into the future.
  • 3. Tiffany | 09/03/2016
Ive had many experiences with ets. They are real.
Don Morgan
  • 4. Don Morgan | 09/03/2016
Good evening peeps.....Here is the truth about my strange encounter as a very young boy living in rural Port Arthur ,Ont. Canada. now known as The City of Thunder Bay.....I was on my way walking through the bushes to my uncles house one afternoon as he lived only a short distance from where my parents and the rest of our family resided ....It was a very sunny warm afternoon as I recall....As I walked through the bushes along the trail I came across 3 individuals....They were very strange looking even to me as a 5 yr old....They just seemed to be right there all of a sudden as I rounded a turn in the trail....seemed like they were not alarmed at my presence......As I got closer to them I got a very good look at them and for some reason I was not afraid at all as I was standing directly in front of them....This is what they looked like and how I felt.....They seemed to be about 5 or 5 1/2 ft tall....there heads looked like very large sunflowers although at the centre there faces all looked like cats,,,,there colours shone very brightly in the sunlight...all of a sudden I seemed to feel very tired and must have fallen asleep in a moments time....when I awoke I found myself laying on the ground along the trail and could see my father coming down the trail looking for me .....apparently they said that I was missing all that afternoon and he was very happy to find me....A day later as my mother was washing my back ,she came across a very large mark across my left shoulder blade that just seemed to be there but was not there prior to this incident in the woods ,this mark I carried on my back until I was about 17 or 18 at which time it gradually disappeared for no aparrent reason..also have a small red mark just below my right nipple which is still there to this day.....for some strange reason as I grew up into adulthood I have always been drawn to the mysteries of UFOs and ancient histories....I could tell you many more very strange things that happened to me in this regard that would scare the pants of any normal person.....maybe I will.....time will tell....I am 58 yrs of age now and can still clearly remember that encounter as if it was may find this strange but for some reason I feel that I am protected by these strange beings and that they seem to always look out for me....I have never saw them but for that one time but I just seem to feel there presence in everyday life as they seem to guide me in some way and steer me clear of danger but I still don't know why...I guess maybe someday I will find out that reason ....That is all for now....I hope you enjoy reading this true happened , it was real...
  • 5. Lupita | 09/03/2016
I do not remember being abducted but I have had dreams about them.
I was at home, in my hometown in Central America. A big saucer showed up, they, the E.T's wanted to take us off our planet and were using loud speakers to encourage people to board the Ship. I was afraid, people were lining up to go in, I did not want to go in, I was trying to find my family, I did not want them to go aboard the ship either. They, the E.T's were rounding up everyone. I started running, and hiding, I started seeing destruction everywhere, buildings around me had collapsed, they were burning, there was no place to hide. I was sooo scared , so confused, nowhere to turn, did not know what to do. There were many UFO's flying around in the sky, some of them were firing weapons at targets below. It was a war. I woke up so scared. As if I had lived it.
Sirona Starchild
  • 6. Sirona Starchild | 10/03/2016
Many years ago, a strange reddish circular mark appeared on my left shin. For years thereafter, this spot would inflame and itch like crazy for no good reason. It didn't grow into a tumor or anything like that. It would simply itch and sting. Then suddenly subside and go inert. About two years ago, another mark mysteriously appeared on my right shin, and soon thereafter, it too began to itch and sting. At around the same time this new spot began to inflame and itch, the original one on my left shin "acted funny". I awoke early one morning due to a burning sensation in my left shin, only to find that the mysterious spot had been opened somehow, and left dabs of blood on my bedding, and blood began to form a scab over the painful spot. Then, not long after, while sleeping one night, I had vivid, clear dreams of space, seeing strange planets, other solar systems, hearing music that was both incredibly beautiful and strange at the same time, and meeting "people" from other realities and strange worlds. I awoke that morning feeling very sad, actually. I felt like I had lost close friends and people that I'd grown very attached to. So sad, that it left like I'd lost a very dear lover even. While in the shower later that morning, I felt a slight stinging itch in my right shin, and found that a little ways next to my new mystery spot was ANOTHER fresh circular mark. It was quite livid, glowing red, itching and stinging like crazy in the soapy hot water. It's been a full year now since that newest spot appeared, and I haven't had any new spots or itchy, stingy spots appear anywhere on my body. Another odd thing that had happened to me in the past, is I'd wake up in the mornings with a very strange mark on my lower back - a mark that almost resembled a kind of "emblem". It kind of looked like a ringed planet on its side - or a circle within a vesica pisces. This hasn't happened in quite some time though. The first time it happened, my late partner at the time woke up early one morning, and noticed the strange symbol on my lower back, and remarked on it, with considerable alarm in his voice. However, since my partner's death and the appearance of these other marks on my shins, mysterious headaches, tender spots at the base of my skull, and other such lovely things, I've also suddenly become extremely receptive to unseen things around me, and at times, unseen things far away (even in the cosmos). Recently, within the last two years, my creativity in both interpreting/playing music, and composing, has spiked like never before. People who have heard my recent works walk away stunned, as if though they've had some kind of "experience" that has left them mind-blown, even though the pieces I'm writing aren't REALLY all that involved or complex, but rather pretty simple and straightforward. Yet people who hear it for the first time, seem to want to KEEP on hearing it. Strange stuff. The vivid dreams of space, other worlds, planets, and meeting strange new "people" has begun to happen again roughly once a month or so. I don't know why I felt compelled to share this stuff here. I doubt anyone would read this, or even care about it or believe any of it. But there. I feel kind of relieved for having typed this out. So whoever reads this, I would ask - would YOU say I've been exposed to something outside this realm? Have you experienced anything like this? It is a very curious thing indeed.
  • 7. defox888 | 10/03/2016
  • 8. cam | 11/03/2016
They see through my eyes
larry barnes
  • 9. larry barnes | 11/03/2016
When I was 4 years old and lived in Ohio.I wasn't abducted,but, I had a small creature standing over me while I was laying in bed.Large head and eyes are all I can remember about him.I did have a strange tingling feeling while he stood there.From then on I would not sleep in that room again.
  • 10. diana | 20/03/2016
i was 16. In my dream I went out the window and onto a ship. They did something to me my stomach. They were very loving and kind. I watched them fly away I wanted so bad to go with them.

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