New Nazca Lines have been discovered in 2015

New Geoglyphs found in Peru, Nazca
Monday April 25 th 2015, a French web user helping by Google Earth has discovered three new Geoglyphs. One especially with his form caught her attention is a long zigzag line which finish with a huge spiral.
Seemingly this Geoglyph is about 700 meter in lenght for 130 meter wide, gauge by the Google earth tool. This Geoglyph seems to be the biggest discovered until today. The Largest Geoglyph before were the Heron about 300 meter lenght and second the Hummingbird 280 meter lenght.
So at the same time, two others Geoglyphs were found looking a lot like the first one, not very far from it but they don't finish with a spiral form. One have the same size, 700 meter lenght, the second is smaller about 300 meter lenght for 100 meter wide.
Around this three Geoglyphs form, we could make out other trace but they aren't visible enough for the moment... We have to wait now, expert report to learn more about this New Nazca's Geoglyphs (unknown geoglyphs).

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GPS coordinates : 14°50'11.66"S 74°54'09.27"W

Source : Translated french article ⇒

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