The Dolmen of Kermarquer in Trinité-sur-Mer - France

The Breton name Kermarquer means "Village of the Knight". In this dolmen with gallery, some coverage paving stones are missing, a corridor is amputated. The dolmen possesses a side chamber, the ground is covered with pebbles of the coast, but the entrance gallery disappeared. Z.Rouzic's excavations delivered a small golden object, which confirms the re-use of dolmens in the Chalcolithic.

Protected elements:
Dolmen under tumulus of Kermarker (cad. AB 380, 592): classification(ranking) by order of June 19th, 1899

Periods of construction:
La Trinité sur Mer own a significant megalithic heritage: eighteen monuments inventoried, some of them are well preserved, almost are classify like " historical monuments".

Dolmen de Kermarquer - Trinité-sur-Mer

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