Discovery of a wolf skull near a menhir in France, ritual?

Crane kerangosquer ii 3


A local resident recently arrived in Brittany and passionate by megaliths, did the discovery of a canine (wolf) skull hung on the branch of a tree at approximately 3 meters in height, near the menhir of Kerangosquer II at Pont-Aven, in France, Brittany. According to her researches on Internet, she supposes that this skull is the one of a wolf and declares its discovery to the city hall and to Carnac's museum prehistory and ask them if it were possible to make an expertise. 

This skull seem to be there since a very long time, compared to his brownish color, but the skull is in a state of remarkable preservation. From then on, it would be possible that this skull from the prehistory Age or from the Middle Ages, because there is not a wolf anymore in Brittany from this time. The local resident is very surprised that the skull is not been discover to there, but maybe it was hidden by the vegetation. She discover it by taking pictures around the standing stone.


It still awaiting an expert report..Case follow...



Découverte d'un crâne de loup au Menhir de Kerangosquer 2/B


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